3. Citi Field is Designed in Homage to Ebbets Field

The arched exterior, down to the keystone at the top of each one, and the canopied entrance, are direct references to Ebbets Field, the stadium of the Dodgers that was once located in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. Fred Wilpon, the owner of the Mets, is said to be obsessed with the former stadium.

You can still find remnants of and references to Ebbets Field in Brooklyn, including the center-field flagpole, now located at Barclays Center. The actual site of Ebbets Field is now a 24-story housing development, known as the Ebbets Field Apartments. A cornerstone in inscribed with the words “This is the former site of Ebbets Field,” and in a parking lot just off Sullivan Place, a forgotten sidewalk plaque marks the original location of the Ebbets Field home plate.