6. Explore the Massive Memorial to Jackie Robinson

The 42 tribute in front of the main Team Store. Visitors can stand on a recreation of Robinson’s footprint.

The main entrance to Citi Field, known as the Jackie Robinson Rotunda, is often passed right through by visitors that tend to miss all the little details that honor its namesake. The more prominent tribute is seen all along the top of the rotunda, where there are pictures and televisions playing videos of famous and notorious milestones in Robinson’s career.

A lesser acknowledged tribute is the large number 42 statue in front of the main Team Store, that is accompanied by a recreation of Jackie Robinson’s footprint and a dedication engraved in the tile. The entirety of the rotunda stands as a heartfelt and unique monument to Jackie Robinson’s legacy. Next time you pass through the main entrance, be sure to take a moment to look around and take in the history displayed around you!