8. See some of the Many Mets Super Fans

Nick Giampietro aka “Pin Man” is one of the many super fans that frequent Mets games.

New Yorkers are very passionate about their home teams. With a large fan base comes some interesting and dedicated people that don’t shy away from showing how much they love their team. A few of these prideful super fans roam around the stadium during the games throughout the season. One of these storied fans is “Cowbell Man” who is notorious for his 44-year-long commitment motivating the crowd by hitting his cowbell when the team is at bat or makes a great play, and can be heard from every seat in the stadium.

Another star of the fan base is “Pin Man”, who walks around the stadium with a custom jersey and cap featuring over 200 pins from throughout the team’s 57 year long history, including LED ones that say “Lets Go Mets.” There are also plenty of fans that hang out around the stadium with their own personal collections of pins, patches, fedoras, and stories that truly display the pure love they have for the team. These fans are considered to be beloved local celebrities and are often happy to pose for pictures and share their love for the Mets!

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One thought on “The Top 10 Secrets of Citi Field, Home of the New York Mets

  1. The Mets Hall of Fame and Museum gave this Yankee fan a good laugh…it was only added AFTER Met fans complained that CitiField was basically a tribute to the Brooklyn Dodgers, and had nothing in that honored the home team. Thus, it gave the Dodgers TWO home stadiums.

    An embarrassed Met owner Jeff Wilpon dusted off the plaques of the long moribund Met Hall of Fame and added a few new victims — I mean honorees — and created the Mets Museum.

    First time I went to CitiField, I scrutinized the plaques and cracked up at the sight of Tug McGraw’s having a misspelled word. If I’d done that when I was associate editor their house magazine “Inside Pitch,” back in the 1980s (they fired me on when they sold the paper to “Baseball America” in 1985, another reason why I don’t root for the Mets any more), I would have been flogged as pre-game entertainment.

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