9. Eat Some Awesome Unconventional Food Options at Citi Field

Wowfulls serves ice cream in Hong Kong style egg waffles.

When people think of food at a baseball game, hot dogs, pop corn, peanuts, and cracker jacks, are the ones that tend to turn up the most. With the current trend of Instagram-worthy food, many popular destinations are adopting more unique and interesting delicacies to add to their menus. Citi Field sports its own impressive selection of treats to satisfy any craving.

Many of the vendors hail from popular spots around the city that have also appeared at Smorgasburg throughout the years. Some of the more popular additions include Big Mozz, Nicoletta, Pizza Cupcake, DŌ, Dulcinea, and Destination Dumplings. When making the trip out to the game, be sure to bring a big appetite!