18. Endlings: The first, and last of their kind

A group of thirty ceramic birds have flocked to the Garment District Space for Public ArtEndlings: The first, and last of their kind is an installation made up of hand-built, folk-art inspired birds created by Pennsylvania artist Laurie Carretta-Scupp. Scupp was inspired to craft these creatures by watching birds from her studio as they fluttered around her backyard, sang songs, and made abrupt flights and landings. Each of the three-dimensional figures represents a specific character within the story Scupp is telling throughout the installation.

Scupp’s work is often influenced by fairytales, folklore and nature. It seeps into every aspect of a piece, from the theme and subject matter to the materials she uses, like the earthy clay used to make these birds. The material also reflects an acknowledgement of environmental responsibilities, and a “celebration of the intrinsic beauty in which these subjects both embody and inspire.”