22. You Are Not Alone Murals

Photograph by Graham Burns, Mural art by Annica Lydenberg 

Three murals, all bearing the same message of “You Are Not Alone,” have popped up in three different locations in Brooklyn. The murals feature art by Dirty Bandits, Adam Fu, and Jason Naylor, and are part of a Mental Health Awareness Month campaign which launched in May. All three feature the same color palette and message while displaying the artists’ individual styles. The goal of the project, whether people are exposed to it in person or online via #youarenotalonemurals, is to make the viewer “feel seen and supported, no matter what challenges they are facing.”

The project was started by designer, illustrator, and mural painter Annica Lydenberg (Dirty Bandits) and Samantha Schutz, a mental health advocate and critically-acclaimed author of the anxiety disorder memoir, I Don’t Want to Be Crazy. They hope the project will spread throughout the country and are looking for people to volunteer their wall space.