9. Fortified at Fort Totten Park

The abandoned military structures at Fort Totten Park are full of history and intrigue. This month, a one-weekend-only event will allow visitors to explore the park like never before. Fortified, a multifaceted event that will highlight aspects of the historic Fort Totten Park and inspire visitors to engage with stories of its past, will featured a brand new public art installation by New York City artist Aaron Asis and a theatrical experience by Justin Rivers. Asis’s piece is made up of cords that will weave through existing structural passages of the Water Battery, an impressive stone fortification that was partially constructed during the Civil War but ultimately abandoned and never completed. Asis will also install a series of wall markings that will note specific details, variations, or anomalies within the Battery structure.

The installation will be accompanied by a theatrical experience inside the Main Magazine, a cavernous chamber where Rivers’ Dark Passages will be performed. There will also be ranger led tours of the off-limits ruins of the Endicott Battery. If you are an Untapped Cities Insider, you can experience the installations and tours before the park opens to the public on June 15th! Learn more about this experience and register for tickets here.