The founder of New York University (NYU), Albert Gallatin (1761-1849) was completely committed to American independence and democracy. He focused on securing education for all in the 1830s because this was a time when primarily privileged Americans studied at universities. From NYU’s initial class of 158 students, this vast university continues to expand worldwide. Some additions the school has made have been including a Chick-fil-A and a Quidditch team. Most of NYU’s fascinating secrets however lie in its history: a dormitory was a speakeasy, more than 200,000 burials are located at Washington Square Park, and the basketball team was involved with the mafia! Read below to learn about all the top 10 juicy secrets of NYU:

10. An NYU Dormitory was a Speakeasy!

Brittany Residence Hall New York University

What once functioned as a sky-high speakeasy is now a seventeen story dormitory (Brittany Hall) and 24-hour study hall. This building was built in 1929 on the corner of East 10th Street and Broadway, and originally Brittany Hall was a luxury hotel with a penthouse that doubled as a speakeasy.

The building still has remnants of Prohibition-era history, such as pre-war ceilings. Furthermore, a haunted history remains within the dormitory. During the hotel’s construction, four-year-old Molly fell down an elevator shaft and since then Molly’s ghost continues to haunt and scare NYU students and faculty. Would you want to live in this dormitory with Molly?