Photograph by Phyllis Sears

All too often, the stories of important and trailblazing women are lost to history. This July 9th, a group of storytellers will resurrect the stories of three forgotten females at The Dead Ladies Show inside The Red Room on the third floor of the legendary Lower East Side KGB Bar. Inside this speakeasy styled space which regularly hosts exciting off-beat events, three passionate presenters will celebrate impressive icons, turbulent lives, and deathless legacies of their subjects. Untapped Cities Insiders can reserve a free spot at this event! Not an Insider yet? Become a member today to gain access to free behind-the-scenes tours and special events all year long!

There are three rules that dictate who is eligible to be discussed at The Dead Ladies Show, which originated in Berlin. First, The Dead Ladies must have been dead for at least a year. Secondly, they must have identified as female in their lifetimes, and finally, no fascists. The line-up for July’s show includes a resistance fighter, an activist for the environment and for humanity, and an influential urban planner. Presented, respectively, by an art historian-slash-curator, an editor-slash-writer, and a writing-addicted façade designer. If you can’t wait for the show, there is also a Dead Ladies Show podcast you can listen to here, and get all of the information you need for the July 9th show here!


  • EMILY KNAPP is an art historian and independent curator based in NYC.
  • NICOLAS KEMPER works for an architectural engineering consultancy in Queens and writes, primarily about architecture.
  • ELIZA ROCKEFELLER is an editor at Tricycle: The Buddhist Review.  

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