11. New York Asian Film Festival

Until July 14th, the New York Asian Film Foundation (NYAFF) will hosts screening throughout New York City in partnership with Film at Lincoln Center. Enjoy thrilling East Asian films as the festival marks its 18th year! The New York Asian Film Festival strives to promote appreciation of Asian film culture in America. This year’s program is called the “Still Too Young to Die” edition and includes five international premieres, twenty-three North American premieres, four U.S. premieres, and eight New York premieres. The program includes a variety of genres from horror, drama and action to comedy, romance, thriller, and art-house. Additionally, nearly thirty directors and nine actors from Asia will be visiting.

On July 4th at the Walter Reade Theater, Film at Lincoln Center, you can enjoy the films: Savage (7:30 pm), It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Show (12:30 pm), Dare to Stop Us (3:30 pm), Misbehavior (5:30 pm), and Walk With Me (10:00 pm). Tickets can be purchased here. Which films will you be attending?