4. Travis Parade in Staten Island

Since 1911, the small yet extraordinarily patriotic town of Travis has thrown an Independence Day parade, and it is one of the oldest celebrations of July 4th in the United States. This year’s 107th parade on July 4th starts with a ceremony at the Reviewing Stand that will recognize the dignitaries and honored guests of the parade, like the Grand Marshal. After the ceremony, participants will march down Victory Boulevard from Cannon Avenue to Glen Street, a route officially designated as “Independence Way.” Enormous red, white, and blue decorations are placed along the streets of Travis, and of course the patriotic spirit of the residents and visitors is more prominent than ever.

The charm of Travis is certainly distinguished by its history. The town was named after Colonel Jacob Travis, who lived in Travis before the Civil War. During the American Revolution, Travis, at the time known as New Blazing Star, was home to a contingent Loyalists troops who battled the Patriots in the Battle of Staten Island in 1777. Both sides surrendered. Moreover, in the 1800s, Travis became a major center of travel and innovation, with its revolutionary American Linoleum Manufacturing Company becoming one of the first companies to use electricity. Travis is certainly a town filled with American history, and its spirit comes alive on the 4th!

The opening ceremony starts at 12:00PM at the Reviewing Stand, located in front of P.S. 26 at 4108 Victory Boulevard (between Wild Ave. & Melvin Ave.) For more information on the parade route and parking, visit the Travis Parade website here.