8. Graycliff Isabelle Martin House in Derby (Public)

Image via Wikimedia Commons by Stilfehler

Twenty minutes south of Buffalo, the Graycliff estate stands on a sixty-foot-high cliff that overlooks Lake Erie in Derby, New York. Set on an 8.5 acre lot, the structure was designed in 1926 for Isabelle R. Martin and her husband, Darwin D. Martin. From 1928 up until the mid-1940s, it served as their summer home. It features a two-story main dwelling, three sunken gardens, stone walls, a tennis court and a lake pier.

9. Socrates Zaferiou House in Blauvelt

The Socrates Zaferiou House in Blauvelt, New York (48 Clausland Mountain Road) is another example of Wright’s iconic style of Prairie residential homes. Located half an hour from New York City, the 2,600 square foot house is located on a private 2.5-acre property that overloks Blauvelt State Park with four bedrooms, a fireplace, a period-style patio and a connected living room and kitchen space.