2. Bringing HOPE to New York

With the LOVE statue away for cleaning, Indiana’s HOPE statue is helping keep the love alive in New York City by attracting tourists and New Yorkers to journey only a few blocks from the LOVE sculptures location. Located at 53rd and 7th Avenue, this art installation is another take on Indiana’s classic design.

The piece was moved to this location in 2014 in time for International Hope Day. It is estimated to cost nearly $3 million and is a whopping 13-feet tall. However, for many New Yorkers, Robert Indiana’s works are priceless because of the joy they bring to many passersby.

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One thought on “Where to Find Robert Indiana’s Iconic LOVE Sculptures and More in NYC

  1. Thank you for this article.
    Do you know which agency removed it and if there is any plan to return it?
    I work across from the former site of this sculpture. Just today, two tourists stopped me and asked about it, I said that ‘Love’ is gone, but there is always ‘Hope’! (Which is another sculpture located two blocks away).
    Thank you.

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