Sitting at the edge of the Hudson River, obscured by a giant stone wall, lies a sprawling garden, forgotten and abandoned for decades. The Untermyer Gardens were designed by architect Welles Bosworth in 1916 for the Greystone Estate of Samuel Untermyer in Yonkers, New York. The gardens stretched over 150 acres and contained picturesque fountains, pools, statues, gazebos, flowers and tress. After Untermyer’s death in 1940 the expansive and expensive gardens fell into disrepair. On July 28th, you can explore the stunningly restored gardens at Atlas Obscura’s third annual Great Forgotten Garden Party (Due to the forecasted heat wave, this event has been rescheduled from July 21st to July 28th!). Today, a large part of the gardens have been restored by The Untermyer Gardens Conservancy, though there are still sections that lie in ruin.

Attendees  at the Great Forgotten Garden Party will find themselves transported to the golden years of the Greystone Estate, when Mrs. Minnie Untermyer hosted some of the greatest artists and performers of the early 20th- century and Samuel Untermyer roamed the property with a white orchid in his lapel. While exploring the gardens, revelers will find libations, water nymphs, belly dancers, and a bug whisperer. Live performances throughout the evening will be headlined by the legendary Persian theremin artist Armen Ra and the band Mr Twin Sister. Picnics and festive attire are both encouraged, though no outside alcohol will be permitted.

Photograph by Nick Curran

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Photograph by Steve Acres

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