2. Anwar Grocery

The bodega at 94 Avenue B is a pivotal location for Russian Doll. Like the birthday party, Nadia keeps coming back here. In the first scenario, she leaves the party with Mike, whom she just met. They go to this bodega, filmed at Sunny & Annie’s Deli at 94 Avenue B  where he gets lambskin condoms, she gets Red Bull, cigarettes and some cat food. Farran who works at the bodega brings in a very drunk Alan (played by Charlie Barnett), whom we see for the first time. Nadia asks if Farran has seen her cat Oatmeal, who does a typical loop between her apartment, the park and the deli.

After Nadia and Mike hook up, she orders him an Uber, and gets to work as a video game coder. She runs out of cigarettes, heads back to the bodega, spots Oatmeal across the street, and gets hit by a cab. End scenario one. The deli has particular meaning to Nadia, as we see in a flashback scene with her mother played by Chloe Sevigny.

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2 thoughts on “NYC Filming Locations for Russian Doll on Netflix

  1. I think the first location is incorrect. Maxine’s apartment building looks more like the building at 10th and A, St. Nicholas Carpatho Church. The windows (including AC units) and surrounding buildings match up better, and it’s the address stated on the show.

    1. Yes you’re right! I was thrown off by the yeshiva –> apartments connection, which is like the building on the other side of the park. But the exterior is definitely St. Nicholas! Thanks!

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