There many variations of a movie-going experience you can have in New York City, from dinner served at your seat to an outdoor screening on the deck of an aircraft carrier. If you’re looking for a more private place to watch a movie, look no further than the Hoxton Hotel in Williamsburg. At only two seats, the Hoxton’s (literally) hole in the wall cinema off the main lobby/cafe claims to be the World’s Smallest Cinema. It’s open to anyone, whether you have a room at the hotel or are just popping in for a look.

The single room theater is located downstairs from the street level entrance to the hotel. Small lettering above the door reads “THE WORLD’S SMALLEST CINEMA.” Unlike the Peephole Cinema in Bushwick which you could argue holds the title for smallest, this cinema is an actual room with seats. The tiny room features two movie-theater-style folding seats at the back, as well as velvet curtains that can be drawn closed for a more private viewing experience.

The movie is projected onto the back wall, and a pair of plugged in Master & Dynamic headphones rests on the seats for guests to use to hear the audio. There’s also an elevator in the back corner, and a little shelf with books and a sign stating the name of the movie currently playing.

Right now, as you can tell by the shark in the pictures, the feature presentation is JawsThe film is switched out every month. Last month, the cinema screened Birdcage starring the late Robin Williams. At the World’s Smallest Cinema, movies play nonstop, 24/7. Grab a coffee or a cocktail from the attractive cafe on the outside, and poke your head into the tiny cinema to check it out for yourself.

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