New York has its share of beautiful spots to soak up the sun and dunk in the waves, but at the most famous beach spots, like Coney Island, the weekend rush can be crowded and overwhelming. If you’re looking for a beach day at a more secluded location look no farther than these ten spots. These overlooked beaches can be found in surprising locations throughout the five boroughs and offer a quieter experience than the big name beaches. If you want to make the most of the second half of summer as much as we do but have already exhausted the well-tread shores, try out our top picks for New York city’s best hidden beaches.

1. Swindler Cove

Located in Upper Manhattan next to Inwood, Swindler Cove is a rare beach spot in the city. The shore can be found at the northernmost tip of the Harlem River Park, across from the Peter Jay Sharp Boathouse. The beach is a product of New York Restoration Project‘s (NYRP) initiatives in Upper Manhattan. The organization, which was founded by actress Bette Midler, works in partnership with the NYC Parks Department to restore green spaces and has completed work in Fort Washington Park, Fort Tryon Park, Sherman Creek Park, Highbridge Park, and the Harlem River Greenway.

From the sandy beach at Swindler Cove, you can catch a glimpse of Roberto Clemente State Park. The view is a hidden gem in the industrial area along edge of Manhattan and the Bronx.

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One thought on “The Top 10 Hidden Beaches of NYC

  1. Thanks for letting us know about New York City beaches, just two problems.

    Brooklyn Bridge Beach was actually open July 13, 2019, not July 14, 2019. I know this because I was the only person who was there sunbathing. This was also one day after Manhattanhenge, which I also was able to see from the corner of First Avenue and 23 Street.

    Second, you didn’t include Plumb Beach, near the Gil Hodges Bridge. Yolu did mention Dead Horse Bay, which is very close, buth there’s actually sand beaches at Plumb Beach, and it’s only a fantastic bike ride away!

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