9. Soundview Park

Soundview Park is the result of over forty years of landscaping efforts. It was once part marsh and part landfill, but has since been renovated into an attractive public park with countless amenities. Located at the opening of the Bronx River into the East River, the site offers much more than just a beach. The park also features picnic tables, tennis courts, sports fields, and more. There’s also miles of walking and biking trails and benches surrounded by lush greenery.

It’s big enough to wander around for hours without coming across its beautiful coastline views. The beach lies at the very back of the park making it the perfect hidden spot to get closer to the water. As a bonus, if you head east along the Bronx river, you’ll come to Clason Point. While this one is not quite as unknown, it has some breathtaking views of the Whitestone Bridge and you can spot an old rusting ship jutting up from the Westchester Creek. And if you have to travel back towards Manhattan, there’s a convenient ferry that leaves from the point and makes stops at 90th and 34th Street.