15. Tom Fruin at Hudson Yards

While you may have seen one of Tom Fruin’s mosaic glass water towers from afar – from the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway or from the street in Williamsburg – it is a rare treat to see one up close. Now, one of his water tower works is on display inside The Shops at Hudson Yards. This work, and an accompanying glass house from Fruin’s Kolonihavehus series, are an initiative of AVANT Gallery, located inside 30 Hudson Yards. An escalator goes by the water tower so you can get peer inside on the ride up or from the second floor balcony.  Smaller original and scale models, even an adorable night light version of Kolonihavehus (which are inspired by the shape of a garden house), are available for purchase in the gallery.

Fruin’s work involves not only offering a twist on iconic urban imagery, but also repurposing industrial materials. He sources discarded metal, offcuts and plexiglass pieces from sign shops in Chinatown. Kolonihavehus at Hudson Yards, much like a recent larger installation at Empire Stores, can be walked into and people are using it as an opportunity for Instagram photos.

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