One of the many reasons we love the Algonquin Hotel is because of its resident cat. We’ve had the honor of “interviewing” both Matilda, the former resident cat and Hamlet, the current king of the hotel who gets to explore in some adorable, architectural treehouses. There’s even a “Chief Cat Officer,” at the hotel. One of the cat-oriented highlights of the year is the Algonquin Hotel’s Cat Fashion Show, which raises money annually to benefit the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals. Last night, ten fashionista felines walked the “cat”walk to the theme “It’s a Small World” in one-of-a-kind outfits including leather jackets, tutus, turbans, Uncle Sam hats and more.

All of the outfits, inspired by different countries, were designed by renowned pet fashion designer Ada Nieves, who says that this year’s theme is a celebration of the diverse heritage and backgrounds of New Yorkers. It’s a nod to her own history, as an immigrant herself. She spent about 100 hours preparing for the event, “developing the overall concept for the collection, sourcing fabrics, creating patterns and sewing,” according to The Algonquin Hotel.

Last night, we attended the Cat Fashion Show to watch the cats get prepped, take in the red-carpet walk and hang out a little bit with Hamlet. There were accompanying performances, including opera singer who only sang the word “meow” and a Kitten Polka by the Feral Cat Initiative with a puppet show. On-site adoptions were taking place since 2:30 PM yesterday, run by Linda’s Feral Cat Assistance. Continue on to see more of the cat fashions from last night’s show!

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