Bonus #2: 950 University Avenue

2-lighthouses-foursquare-new york-untapped cities-wesley yiin

Driving down the Major Deegan Expressway, a lighthouse is one of the last things you would expect to see, especially atop a building. At 950 University Avenue, the former headquarters of the H.W. Wilson publishing company and now Tuck-It-Away Storage, a small lighthouse juts up above the Bronx skyline. The lighthouse on top of the building was a symbol meant to express the company’s mission of giving guidance to readers navigating different books and publications. The lighthouse was also featured in the publishing company’s logo. It is hard to see from the road, but the lighthouse on the roof actually rest on an opened book.

The publishing company moved out of the building in 2012 and the storage company moved in. The new building tenant kept the lighthouse but put its own stamp on it by painting it orange.

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