10. Port Authority Bus Terminal

In a book about New York City in 1975, The Man Who Saved New York: Hugh Carey and the Great Fiscal Crisis of 1975the authors describe Port Authority Bus Terminal as “a cavern of squalor that the destitute, the mentally disturbed, and the drugged and inebriated called ‘home.'” Opened in 1950, and originally heralded as an improvement to bus transportation in New York City, its reputation quickly went south.

The terminal was expanded to 42nd Street with an annex in the 1970s. The design of building alone has earned it a spot on many a list of most hated and most ugly buildings. Port Authority Bus Terminal was enveloped in the crime and vice of the surrounding area and became a dangerous place to be. Plans are underway currently to replace the terminal with a new structure, but it is in the very early stages at this time.
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