Hosted on Talkradio NYC, the weekly radio show Rediscovering New York hosted by Halstead real estate agent Jeff Goodman showcases New York City’s neighborhoods. Each week we focus on a particular neighborhood; we explore its history, its vibe, its feel and its energy, really what makes the neighborhood special. Untapped Cities founder Michelle Young has been on the show before, upon the launch of the second edition of the guidebook Secret Brooklyn.

Tonight at 7 PM, you can hear Michelle and Jeff talk about offbeat and unusual New York City museums, including MICRO Museum, a museum in an freight elevator, the Torah Animal World museum, as well as some fascinating lighthouses in New York City area. Another guest on the show is our friend, Denny Daniel, founder of the Museum of Interesting Things who brought, among many vintage finds for the show that can be heard, if not necessarily seen including a Columbia wax cylinder record player invented by Thomas Edison around the late 1870s!

Tune in at 7 PM tonight at to hear the full episode, which will be later archived on Soundcloud, Stitcher, Spotify and iTunes.