Patricia Bolaños is a Spanish illustrator living in New York City. You may have seen her work on the LinkNYC kiosks recently showcasing her New York City-oriented drawings from her Instagram account @lapatbol. Now, she has shared some of her New York City-oriented illustrated maps with Untapped Cities. The trained architect says in her illustrated bio that she switched her “square and triangle” for “pens & paper,” getting her start in illustration by making wedding invitations under the her company PRINT the LEGEND. Her hilarious bio includes her likes (Roald Dahl, cartoons, Charlie Kauffman movies) and dislikes (Justin Beaver, selfies, lines, tangled cables). Sounds like a true adopted New Yorker.

The first map Bolaños shared with us is a Warhol Tour of Manhattan. When we asked her about the motivation for doing this recent map, she said “I’m a huge fan of Andy Warhol and his art. Recently, it was Andy Warhol‘s birthday (August 6th) and I realized that apart from his life in Studio 54 and The Factory I didn’t know very much about his life in New York. Where he liked to go for breakfast, where he lived, where he went to church… I didn’t even know that The factory had three different locations! So I started to reach information and I thought it was a great idea for a map.”

Many of these locations were featured in our previous guide to Andy Warhol’s haunts in the city, including his first studio, the locations of The Factory, Studio 54, Serendipity’s, the New York Academy of Art, Church of St. Vincent Ferrer and more. Each location has an illustration of the building and a few fun facts. Check it out below, and see more of Bolaños’ work on her website.

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