14. JR Work at the Hudson Theater

At the back of the Hudson Theater in Times Square, you will find a recent work from JR in his signature black and white “Inside Out” project style that features some well-known faces: Jake Gyllenhaal and Tom Sturridge, both of whom are starring in the play “Sea Wall/A Life.” In fact, the JR did a piece there because Gyllenhaal personally asked him to, as Frances Doods of Architectural Digest reports, and the stars of the show helped paste the work up which has over 100 faces.

Gyllenhaal felt that JR’s work would be a nice tandem to the play, which often involves the audience. He tells AD that JR’s “art is messy and imperfect and demands us to look at ourselves, to forgive ourselves, to be kind with each other. It allows us to be vulnerable and feel part of a whole; it makes us feel big and loved at the same time.”