21. Pavilion for Astoria in Socrates Sculpture Park

Socrate Sculpture Park in Queens is a great place to take in art and the views of Manhattan along the East River. A new large-scale work is in process by artist Rafael Domenech. Las Palabras son Muros [Pavilion for Astoria] (The Words are Walls [Pavilion for Astoria]) is made of scaffolding and construction mesh, with “pages” hanging that show graphically dynamic laser-cut texts that rotate throughout the exhibition.

The text comes from actual visitors to the park who submit words, phrases and stories, which then get selected by a digital algorithm. You can also submit a message online at laspalabrassonmuros.info. When the 16-week exhibition is over, Domenech will make a book that will incorporate the texts.

Las Palabras son Muros [Pavilion for Astoria] will be up until November 3, 2019.