9. Notable Stands to Check Out

Besides the most famous Little Italy spots, like Ferrara’s Bakery, don’t miss the following stands:

  • Danny Fratta from Danny on the Corner, known for their Zeppole which has been made with a special recipe passed down by his great uncle.
  • Karren King at Alleva Dairy, the oldest cheese shop in the US and the widow of Cha Cha who was the unofficial mayor of little Italy and who the meatball eating competition is in honor of. Tony Danza is a co-owner of Alleva, and is usually on hand for the Feast of San Gennaro (although this year he won’t be). 
  • Ernest Magliato at Pips Pit, amazing sausage and peppers
  • Lucy at Lucy’s Sausage and Peppers, equally as amazing sausage and peppers stand – she even take hers around to all the major food festivals.
  • Lou Di Palo at Di Palos, seriously amazing authentic shop for authentic Italian meats, cheeses, olive oil and more.