9. St. Ann in the Fields Church (1672)

Located in the Port Morris neighborhood of the Bronx, the church of St. Ann in the Fields is connected to the Morris family that settled the area. The church was built in 1840 on a field within the estate of Gouverneur Morris II, in honor of his mother Anne Carey Randolph Morris who was said to be a descendent of Pocahontas. Among the dozen or so Morris family members buried in the vault at St. Ann in the Fields include the first Gouverneur Morris, who drafted the United States Constitution, Judge Lewis Morris, the first governor of New Jersey, Major General Lewis Morris, who signed the Declaration of Independence,  and Judge Robert Hunter Morris, a mayor of New York City.

The first Gouverneur Morrris served in the Continental Congress, the Constitutional Convention, minister to the Court of Versailles, and a United States Senator. According to the Landmarks Preservation Commission report on this church and graveyard, which are landmarks, Governeur Morris “framed the final draft of the Constitution as submitted to the States for ratification, and the beautiful, clear and forceful English of that instrument is almost entirely his work.”