19. Item 70: Jensen Ackles Pie

“Item 70: Over the years, Jensen Ackles has been depicted in Skittles, but we all know his character Dean loves pie. Let’s do a crossover: Bake a Skittles pie with a portrait of Jensen baked into the upper crust. Lattice work in the top crust should allow you to see the Skittles inside behind Jensen.”

Kathy U. from team High571 said: “Apparently, my ‘thing’ in this year’s GISH is putting Supernatural cast members’ faces on food.” Declaring herself “not a baker,” Kathy did a lot of research and prep work to create Jensen Ackles’ visage so elegantly on pie crust.

The task wasn’t without its trials. She almost cried when the cinnamon spilled after removing the first stencil. Her bravery stopped at baking the pie, though, as the baked skittles weren’t exactly appealing. It couldn’t taste that bad… could it?

Let us know later in the comments if you were brave enough to try your skittles pie. Hopefully, there weren’t any pie-related trips to the ER.