16. Item 138: Zombie Spa

“Item 138: The most stressful spa environment ever. – Lynette”

Ashley Morris, of team Otternauts, teamed up with her husband Andy Morris and their friend, Daniel McDonald, to put together this work of art. Andy manned the camera while Ashley got “pampered” by Daniel and his machete.

Daniel buys masks from Composite Effects every Halloween. As huge horror buffs, he and Ashley stock up on elaborate decorations from Vancouver’s Thomas FX.

Ashley said: “Big thanks to Daniel’s parents for letting us get weird in their backyard. We just had a great time doing this one… laughed ’till we cried, which is the whole reason for doing it, right? Just take a week off from normalcy to have fun, raise money, awareness, and be weird. Also, any excuse to get our horror on, we’re in!”