11. Item 45: Junk Mail Armor

“Item 45: Why have chain letters, when you can have chain mail? Create an intricate medieval knight’s suit of armor entirely out of junk mail, with chain mail comprised of chain letters. Must include a junk mail shield, sword, and a codpiece (to protect your “junk”).”

Lorna from team Dues Ex Mishina said: “This is my eighth and final hunt as it’s time to retire and move onto other things. However, this year has been my favourite hunt.” The Scotland native headed up to a local castle for the item, but she had to maneuver through a swarm of tourists to snag the photo. That’s a real mood. So many people kept trying to take her photo, she couldn’t get one in front of the castle and had to move to plan B for a graveyard gate photo.

Lorna had fun surprising people in her armor and definitely made some tourists happy. She said, “It was amazing to see the expressions on people’s faces when I appeared in my armor and I don’t think I will ever forget how much fun I had trying to get this item.”