27. Item 114: Hospital Couture

“Item 114: The best part about being in the hospital is the couture. Hold a hospital gown fashion show in your local hospital to show off red-carpet-worthy hospital gowns of your creation. Glam it up and walk (or roll) the runway with any patients that might be able and willing to participate… and don’t forget the slip-proof socks!”

Every year, GISH includes a hospital item meant to put smiles on the faces of hospital patients and their visitors all around the world. This year was no exception.

Tree, from the team MischiefManaged, said: “Mom’s been in the hospital all of GISH this year, so number 114 was my favorite item, as we were able to get her unhooked from all her lines and out for a short Johnny Fashion Runway Show. She’s 87, and as sick as she is, she rocked it. As I write this, Mom hasn’t eaten solid food in 14 days and is receiving nutrition through a pic line—but she’s still the Gishiest seasoned citizen I know!”

Michaela of team Mishap said: “I was fortunate enough to claim an item that gave me another excuse to help break the monotony of a hospital stay for my grandmother.”

She continued with, “She’s currently going through her first round of chemo and while she doesn’t like wearing hospital gowns herself, she was more than happy to do her very best ‘model pose’ for my picture! The look on her face when I walked in the room wearing this was priceless.”

While GISH is often about spreading random acts of kindness, it is often incredibly healing for families. Items like this give GISHers the opportunity to make incredible and heartwarming memories that last a lifetime. When your family is going through a rough time, smiling together is a welcome escape.