8. Item 61: Funderwear

“Item 61: (F)underwear.”

GISH always has an underwear item. Always. The item this year left a lot to interpretation, which can admittedly be a bad idea when it comes to GISHers, but Ciara Mealer kept things lowkey. She said: “It should be noted that we live deep in the conservative south, in a very small town… Due to the hectic nature of GISH, I had to make a costume change in the parking lot…”

She continued with, “Needless to say, though, we certainly got some looks from the young men just trying to play a game of DnD [Dungeons and Dragons] that afternoon. To their credit, blushing and quickly averted gazes were the only reactions to our weird and wonderful photoshoot.” The photo was taken at OCM Comics & Collectibles/The Artful Barn in Clarkesville, Georgia. Apparently, someone named Karen Johnston is taking credit for the mural art that was done by an artist known as Nack. Not cool, Karen.