7. Item 53: No More Ponies

“Item 153: I said no more ponies in the living room, and I meant it! But unicorns are totally okay.”

Prior to the Hunt, Commandment 52 declared that “Toilet-trained ponies may be allowed in the living room, but chickens are still prohibited without a waiver.” Barn animals have frequently appeared in tasks, so prior to the Hunt, the GISH community was abuzz with what this could mean. Everyone knew there had to be an item this would reference. The super-sleuths that GISHers are, there was.

After talking to a pile of friends of friends of friends, Kristin Nichols of CrazyCassLadies finally found someone to help her out with the task. Getting a stranger to let you bring their horse into your living room requires some pretty heavy blind faith. Kristin said, “My daughter Olivia is four and is very much a Disney Princess. I told her a unicorn was on its way to our living room and she got really excited. She asked to change into her purple princess dress.”

When Wrigley and his owner got to their house, Olivia met them in the front yard. She was abuzz with adrenaline and excitement, as she’d never seen a horse up close before—let alone a unicorn. Olivia and Wrigley share a love of candy canes, and both enjoyed it when Olivia fed him their favorite treat.

Inspired by a unicorn chilling in her living room, (honestly, who wouldn’t be?), Olivia’s new passion is horses. She pet every single horse at the fair and used all of her money to ride the horses. She grinned the whole time. Kristin added, “The item only took five minutes, but it changed my daughter’s whole life. It made her so happy, and I’m forever grateful that we were able to fit a unicorn in our living room.”

Ugh, if only we could get horses into New York City high rises, we’d all be a little less grumpy.