3. Item 157: Inspirational Kites

“Item 157: A hand-made kite that looks just like the face of that famous person you look up to, high in the sky.”

This item was harder than it looks. Following the pattern of failing to get a fifth-grade kite to fly, the attempt to fly Princess Leia was equally unsuccessful for team Built on Hope. Rebecca Palmer, from team Riptide, had much more success… eventually. She said, “I admire Colin Kaepernick for using his platform to bring attention to the tragic injustice faced daily by people of color in this country [the United States].”

She noted, “He increased the dialog about racism, even among people who are often unaware of their privilege, myself included.” Rebecca and her sister attempted to get the kite flying, but they were eventually assisted by a nearby family after 30 minutes of failure,

Rebecca went on to say, “Kaepernick has taught me about sacrifice and about hardships and injustices I will never face. I still have work to do in unpacking my privilege and fighting to end the system of white supremacy, and I will continue to do this work and support the fight against racism. I’m Team Kaepernick… Representation matters.”