2. Item 145: Demogorgon

“Item 145: Mary Poppins and the Demogorgon from Stranger Things both loved hanging around in the Upside down! Create a convincing image of you having upside-down high tea on the ceiling with Mary Poppins and a Demogorgon. Post it to social media and tag the Stranger Things accounts and GISH. – Inspired by TessaMac”

Stranger Things is another recent pop culture obsession that’s taken over the world since its 2016 debut. Jeremiah Lutes, Christine Barger, Amanda Marie, and Allishia Knotts headed to the Museum of Illusions in Hollywood, on behalf of their team called #.

After getting all of the costumes together, Christine realized that she had to be in the photo along with her husband as the Demogorgon and Amanda as Mary Poppins. Christine said, “I was covered in dirt and sweat in my ratty jeans from building a giant sock monkey at the park earlier that day and hadn’t brought a change of clothes. Luckily, Allishia lived nearby and offered to let me borrow a dress, so we ran to her place and quickly changed.”

Christine commented further, “We made it back and the museum gave us access to the upside-down house for the photo. Huge thanks to my friend and helpers and the Museum of Illusions for making this so wonderful.” Honestly, GISH isn’t GISH if 9,000 things don’t go wrong, but if Christine couldn’t find a dress, she could just blame the Demogorgon. Is there one scene with the beast that doesn’t have a character caked in dirt and blood?