24. Item 83: Penguin Pride

“Item 83: The London Zoo has a pair of penguins who are out and proud, but they didn’t get to march in Pride because they are penguins in a zoo. We think that’s just wrong. Dress up in penguin suits and march through your town with rainbow flags to show your support for Penguin and LGBTQIA+ Pride.”

Nothing gives people the opportunity to be a little weird while taking a stand for something important quite like GISH. All penguins deserve a Pride parade and Dana, of team KissAGish (GISH 2018 runner-ups), rose to the challenge.

Dana said, “I’m a queer mom to a trans kiddo that came out this year, so I was super excited to do this photoshoot with my friend, who is also LGBTQ+. We laughed the entire time and had children coming up to us for hugs and high fives as if we were costumed Disney characters.

While Dana’s daughter is quiet and doesn’t like attention, she was happy to work the camera. Dana noted that her daughter had more fun this GISH than she’s had in the past—especially pouring syrup and edible glitter on her mom. Honestly, who wouldn’t have fun dousing their parents in syrup?