23. Item 32: Supernatural Canon

“Item 32: We’re putting you in charge of Supernatural canon for the day. Paint a cannon with an elaborate SPN mural showcasing something that you think should be canon, with a caption like, ‘It’s #SPN Cannon!'”

Supernatural is most known for being the show that kills everyone. Sometimes, the characters come back to life and sometimes, they don’t. Kirsten Hoba of Team # decided to paint her favorite fallen characters on a cannon at the University of Guelph. She painted around the muzzle of the cannon as if the characters were all sitting around a roundtable for dinner. Excuse us while we wipe away our classic TV single man tear.

Whether it’s passing the salt for demon hunting purposes or cholesterol clogging intentions, the cheeky hashtag works (Kirsten’s teammate Rebekah Rolan came up with it). Kirsten noted that the British naval gun known as “Old Jeremiah” is technically supposed to be painted between sunset and sunrise, but GISHers are nothing if not rulebreakers