21. Item 193: Misha & the Queen

“Item 193: A tiny painting of Misha and the Queen on a coin, made using toothpicks instead of brushes. – Arianne Elizabeth Llerena”

Misha Collins has a bit of an unconventional relationship with the Queen—in that he creates a weirdly intimate item every year with himself and the Queen. She may or may not even know he exists. We’ve all been there, Misha. It’s okay.

Jessica, of Team Flamboyance Loves Impala, is always first in line to humor Misha’s unhealthy infatuation with the Queen. While she had trouble getting the paint to stick on the coin, she prepped it with steel wool, sealed it with gesso, and then used her toothpicks to paint the coin. While it may look easy, rest assured, it’s not.