20. Item 85: Scarevolleyball

“Item 85: You’ve heard of a scarecrow, but let’s see a straw-stuffed scarevolleyballplayer at the beach.”

Most of us New Yorkers are used to getting judged for something as simple as wearing leggings with a T-shirt. Dany-el Baker of the VenomousNarwhals managed to set up a game of scarecrow beach volleyball without getting a single inquiry as to why anyone would do this.

Dany-el made sure that all of the clothing was purchased at a local charity shop and bought the straw from a farm store that supports local farmers. The scarecrows, aptly named Larry, Mo, Curly, and Joe, were advertised online and adopted by a local farming family. The squad will forever watch over their orchard.

Though, hopefully, there won’t be any ritual sacrifices to keep the crops healthy. Raise your hand if that Supernatural episode still gives you nightmares…