Jonathan Prince, Shatter Series, cor-ten and polished steel, in situ at Christie’s Sculpture Garden 2019, courtesy of Jonathan Prince Studio

It’s October and there are a flurry of new and exciting outdoor art installations to take in this month, along with annual city-wide art and architectural festivals. In the mix, you’ll find light installations at Rockefeller Center and South Street Seaport, a large provocative equestrian statue right in Times Square, a Halloween pumpkin impalement, new street art, a festival that will take place along the whole length of 14th Street, and many more. We’re very excited about the creative works in New York City this month and hope you are too! 

1. + POOL Light Installation

+POOL, the project to create a filtering pool for the East River has been gaining steam, with the city recently putting out a request for proposals for the innovative idea. On October 3rd, the organization will be putting on a unique light installation off Pier 17 at the South Street Seaport in a 50×50 foot outline of the pool. Designed by PLAYLAB INC & Family New York with collaboration from scientists at Columbia University’s Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory (LDEO), the LED lights will change color based on the quality of water analyzed in real time. According to +POOL, “an algorithm was created that will inform the changing of the lights by predicting swimmable water computed based on environmental conditions and data pulled from sondes placed in the river on site.”

There will be a launch party on October 3rd to launch the installation, sponsored by Heinken and The Howard Hughes Corporation. Tickets are free.