14. Times Square Midnight Moment

Photo by Ka-Man Tse for Times Square Arts.

Every month a new video installation takes over the screens of Times Square at midnight for Midnight Moment, the world’s longest running digital art exhibition. This month from 11:57 PM to midnight, the screens will be taken over by artist Christian Marclay in a very New York City work.

According to Times Square Arts, Marclay “created a series of short, stop-motion videos documenting categories of trash he encountered on the street, including cigarette butts, cotton swabs, plastic straws, and chewing gum. As Midnight Moment, Marclay’s Chewing Gum (2016) elevates garbage to new heights, finding beauty in the crude and ubiquitous gum that blots the pavement. Sequencing countless still photographs into hypnotic animation, squashed gum wads divide, unite, and dance across sidewalk cracks. Marclay takes a playfully literal approach to street photography by portraying his chance encounters with the street itself.”

Other art exhibitions and events that are not free to the public or installations (therefore not making it onto this list but worthy of note) include the opening of the redesigned Museum of Modern Art, Archtober throughout this month, Open House New York October 19 and 20, an exhibition of LEGO versions of world’s most famous pieces of art at the New York Hall of Science, a retrospective of the work of Agnes Denes who transformed Battery Park into a wheat field in 1982, and the opening of street artist JR’s multimedia installation JR: Chronicles at the Brooklyn Museum.

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