6. 2019 Art in Odd Places

Billy X Curmano, Portrait of the Artist as Political Prisoner, Photo by Margarita Baumann, courtesy Art in Odd Places

Art in Odd Places will be back from October 17 to 20 all along 14th Street from Avenue C to the Hudson River. This year’s theme: INVISIBLE will feature all 44 artists who over 60 years old, “supported by their intergenerational collaborators: parent/child; mentor/ protégé; partners; lovers; and others from babies to our oldest artist who is 94 years old,” along with Promenade of Visual Flâneurs, with artists sauntering and strolling with their works in costume. This year’s Art in Odd Place is curated by longtime artist LuLu LoLo, who selected artists only based on a phone call and not by submissions — keeping the theme INVISIBLE fully present throughout the process.

Curator LoLo says, “This festival highlights what people choose not to see: the fragility of aging, even the beauty of aging, the homeless, the plight of immigrants, detained children, gentrification, mass incarcerations, lack of compassion, cruelty, and also how the technological cocoon we live in today renders the world around us INVISIBLE.  But the festival makes VISIBLE: the indomitable spirit of older artists, the beauty of intergenerational work, with a visual promenade of older artists strolling 14th Street.”