2. Belvedere Castle

Belvedere Castle, which was closed to the public for more than a year for an extensive restoration project by the Central Park Conservancy, will be an Open Access Site this year, but there will also be a special night time event that requires reservations. The after-dark tours will be led by Michael Hennes of Cline Betteridge Bernstein Lighting Design (CBBLD), the company that created the castle’s innovative new LED lighting system.

Hennes will guide visitors from the plaza to the castle’s various terrace levels to see the views and renovated exterior. Guests will learn about the 15-month long renovation process and the new lighting system which makes the castle look magnificent in the dark. At the end of the tour, you will get to see the castle lit up like never before as you walk around the perimeter to view the floodlighting and step back onto the Great Lawn for an amazing view. These tours will run on Saturday, October 19th at 6:00PM to 6:45PM, 6:45PM to 7:30PM and 7:30PM to 8:15PM. Book here when registration opens!