5. Bamonte’s (1900)

Bamonte’s at 32 Withers Street in Williamsburg is a real Brooklyn institution, serving Italian fare since 1900 amidst deliciously old-school decor. A wooden bar, hanging chandeliers, a working jukebox, velvet curtains, kitchy celebrity headshots, and servers in tuxedos make for a great experience, not to mention all the Italian classics you might expect.

One of our favorite remnants are the side-by-side wooden phone booths. They were installed more than fifty years ago and originally worked as the house business phones––that is, if you called Bamonte’s, one of these very phones would ring. The proprietor told us they still work but Bell Telephones went out of business years ago, of course.

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2 thoughts on “10 of the Oldest Bars and Restaurants in Brooklyn

  1. Apparently you left out, if you want to talk first and old;
    1762 Fraunces Tavern
    1794 Bridge Cafe
    1817 The Ear Inn
    1837 Delmonico
    1864 Pete’s Tavern
    1868 Homestead Steakhouse
    1880 White Horse Tavern
    1884 PJ’s Clarke’s
    1885 Keen’s Steakhouse
    Oh wait, I see you did do a diff post with these

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