6. Ferdinando’s Foccaceria (1904)

Located at 151 Union Street in Carroll Gardens, Ferdinando’s Focacceria opened in 1904 as Paul’s Focacceria just a few minutes walk from what the bustling, working waterfront. Serving Sicilian fare, the Focacceria catered to Italian immigrants working as longshoremen and has remained in the same brick building. It has all the details so often recreated in newer establishments: tin ceilings, exposed brick walls, tiled floors, and wooden French doors, but also has the feel of a place that has been evolving naturally, mixing newer materials like wood paneled walls from the mid-century while retaining previous elements. Besides the specials on the chalkboard, you can find classics like panelles, vastedda, cold salads and cheeses, and pasta dishes and parmigianas.

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2 thoughts on “10 of the Oldest Bars and Restaurants in Brooklyn

  1. Apparently you left out, if you want to talk first and old;
    1762 Fraunces Tavern
    1794 Bridge Cafe
    1817 The Ear Inn
    1837 Delmonico
    1864 Pete’s Tavern
    1868 Homestead Steakhouse
    1880 White Horse Tavern
    1884 PJ’s Clarke’s
    1885 Keen’s Steakhouse
    Oh wait, I see you did do a diff post with these

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