Did you guess the correct location of any of our “Name this Spot” photographs that popped up on LinkNYC kiosks this week? Last night on their Instagram Stories, LinkNYC revealed the first five mystery locations featured in the Untapped Cities curated photo scavenger hunt. The series will feature abstract photographs of some of the city’s most unique architecture from across all five boroughs, with five new photographs released every Tuesday. Find out below if you guessed any of the first round right, and see what is new this week!

One of the locations featured in the first round of photographs was the Woolworth Building in Lower Manhattan. The Woolworth Building was designed by architect Cass Gilbert for Frank Woolworth, a retail magnate who built an empire of five-and-dime stores. In 1913, when it was constructed, the Woolworth was the tallest skyscraper in the world. The facade you see in our photograph and the stunning interior are covered with intricate ornamentation. You can join Untapped Cities for a VIP tour of the landmarked Woolworth Building led by Cass Gilbert’s great-granddaughter.

VIP Tour of the Woolworth Building

Courtesy of Intersection

Another location featured was the Cyclone rollercoaster in Coney Island. The giveaway in this photograph is the historic wooden-track. The Cyclone coaster has been around for nearly 100 years. Next, the bright blue tiles of the Battery Maritime Building. Competed in 1909, the Beaux-Arts style Battery Maritime Building now houses the Governors Island Ferry terminal.

Photo courtesy LinkNYC

Courtesy of Intersection

The location pictured directly above is New York by Gehry. The skyscraper at 8 Spruce Street is identified by its undulating and warped looking facade. The residential tower is one of the tallest in the world. The final location featured in the first round of photographs was the Sea Glass Carousel in The Battery. The aquatic-themed carousel was designed by WXY architecture. The dazzlingly luminescent fish-shaped seats, designed by the George Tsypin Opera Factory, stretch up to 13.5 feet tall.

Courtesy of Intersection

Did you guess any of them correctly? Now, go out and look for this week’s new set of mystery photographs! You can submit your guesses on Instagram by tagging a post or story with @linknycofficial and @untappedcities. We’ll be revealing the locations on our own Instagram @untappedcities and @linknycofficial each week! Here is a sneak peek of what to look for:

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