Under the Brooklyn Queens Expressway

When Frank is first sent to Chicago to assist in one of Hoffa’s intimidation efforts, it involves sinking a bunch of taxi cars, a scene that appears to be filmed in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Frank comes up with a faster plan however, which is to use “candy” and basically bomb the cars in their lot. This is filmed just beside the Brooklyn Queens Expressway in the Gowanus/Carroll Gardens area. The location is given away by the distinctive green support structures under the “BQE” and the height that the elevated highway takes in this area of Brooklyn, close to the highest subway station in New York City — Smith-9th Street.

Other film locations includes Lee’s Tavern on Staten Island was converted into Nemo’s Bar & Grill, a mob spot in Detroit, where they filmed the scene where the car explodes. Other scenes were filmed in Yonkers, a popular stand-in for New York City with the Empire City and Casino and Raceway serving as a home base for the production.

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