A new sculpture in New York City’s Tribeca Park is bringing awareness to the trans and non-gender conforming community and paying tribute to their strength. The 10-foot tall pair of outspread wings was created by Brazilian artist Rubem Robierb. Named Dandara after Dandara dos Santos, a trans woman who was murdered in Brazil in 2017, the sculpture aims to inspire the dreamers and pay tribute to transgender lives.

Robierb is known for creating Instagram-friendly pop art that passersby can interact with, and this piece is no different. The opalescent, fiberglass wings span 13-feet wide and sit atop a silver platform. Visitors are encouraged to mount the platform and strike an empowering pose. At the unveiling of the work, Robierb told All Arts, he wants you to “place yourself between its wings, close your eyes and make a wish” and “…travel to the place where your dreams will come true. This is a monument for the dreamers.”

Dandara is part Robeirb’s “Dream Machine,” an ongoing series in which each work is named after a person who died fighting for their dreams or the dreams of others. In this case, the strong yet graceful sculpture is named for a trans woman who was attacked and murdered for simply living her truth. Dandara’s story is unfortunately one that is too common among the trans and gender-non conforming community. The installation and its dedication plaque serve as a monument to trans lives, while also embodying bravery and new beginnings, and raising awareness for the necessity of LGBTQ+ protections.

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