10. The restaurant has its own grittier history as well

But it wasn’t all just fun and books. There were definitely some grittier stories from Chumley’s history. Newsweek reported that a chess match went astray in the bar in 1960 when a writer was killed by a sailor with a beer bottle. In 1964, a sculptor was mugged and then shot when leaving the bar. And in 1974, a heroin addict who had just committed a murder was found hiding in the Chumley’s boiler room. AND, last but not least, Leland Chumley’s wife’s ghost supposedly still haunts the place

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2 thoughts on “The Top 10 Secrets of Chumley’s, the Greenwich Village Speakeasy from 1922

  1. No, Chumley’s DID NOT coin the term “86” (eighty-six). The first known citation (in Walter Winchell’s column) came from California, and was found by me years ago. Before anyone says that Chumley’s coined “86,” shouldn’t there be one piece of documentary evidence presented?

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